Midas Touch Concept(mTc)

Take a look at how purple and white look sooooo good. Let us make your homes look like that.
Phone no; +234-8189223292, +234-8056661622.

E-mail; midastouchconcept6@gmail.com

Facebook Page; Midas Touch Concept.


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Wisdom Bank Network

Wisdom Bank is a platform for raising a purpose driven generation. it is a platform to help people discover and fulfill their purpose in life. We are in a benefit driven generation, we do things for the benefits we get from what we do, we do not do things for the purpose of doing it, or we do not know the purpose of doing most things we do. Hence, Wisdom bank will be teaching the real purpose of so many things we do. i.e. business, family, marriage and relationship, prayer and so on. It will be teaching people how to maximize the real purpose of those things. Wisdom bank is not limited to an age group, because we believe that age is not a barrier for living a purpose driven life. An old man can still live a purposeful life if he discover his purpose at old age. However, it is better to discover and start living a purpose driven life early in life. #Wisdom Bank, Raising a purpose-driven generation.

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